2017 Board / Committees



Dan Musser - Newmark Grubb Zimmer


Bill Moseman - American Century Investments


Jim Edson - Lempka Edson Architects


Christopher Kinzel - HDR Engineering


Veronica Sellers - Federal Reserve Bank





Diane Burnette, Executive Director and CAO


Stan Henry, Operations Manager


Leigh Blumenthal, Community Engagement & Development Manager



Another great way to get involved with MainCor and the MSCID is to join a Main Street Committee! If you are interested in any of the following, email dburnette@maincor.org for information on the activity and meeting schedules of these committees:

  • Financial Oversight Committee
  • Community Outreach and Resource Development Committee
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Midtown Plan Review Committee
  • Special Review District Committee 


MainCor and Main Street CID Program Structure

Administration/Organizational Management:

MainCor Board of Directors:

Bi-Monthly – Fourth Tuesday of odd months @ 11:30, Annual Meeting Fourth Wed. January

  • Review monthly financials, committee progress, activities and plan for the MC
  • Knowledge of system (political, community)build on area partnerships
  • Relationship with 4th District Council people and other government agencies
  • Action-oriented
  • Facilitate development and redevelopment
  • What is MainCor’s focus? Stay with mission/vision
  • Management
    • Consulting work
    • Organizational management
    • Project management
  • Establish a fee schedule for consulting with other organizations
  • Use CDC status to act as a developer in the area
  • Re-design organizational structure
  • Is MainCor’s focus new member participation or business retention or both

MainCor Executive Committee

Monthly - Second Tuesday @ 11:30

  • MC Officers - review monthly financials, committee progress, activities and plan for the MC Board

CID Board of Directors

Quarterly – Third Wednesday @ 11:30, Annual Meeting Third Wednesday in April

  • Review monthly financials, committee progress, activities and plan for the CID
  • Daily work of the Red Shirts’ “Clean & Safe” Program
    • Work with City Departments, such as Codes, Regulated Industries, KCPD etc.
    • Provide a safe, clean and inviting environment for businesses, employees, visitors and those who live near Main Street and travel between Downtown and the Plaza
    • Good communication between business/property owners, neighborhood residents, police and city staff
    • Streetscape maintenance
    • Assess, design & create programs that problem solve to enhance quality of life issues
    • Perform/Produce pedestrian studies annually
    • Track incoming and outgoing businesses and property owners/Produce directory
    • Knowledge of system (political, community)build on area partnerships
    • Relationship with 4th District Council people and other government agencies
    • Stay with mission/vision
    • Area Maintenance Attendants will provide daily litter removal, landscape maintenance, snow shoveling from crosswalk and handicap areas, graffiti and poster removal, and visitor and customer assistance.
    • Area Awareness Officers will provide on the street monitoring, reporting, assisting with medical emergencies, detouring illegal or suspicious behavior, and serving as on the street assistance for visitors, customers and residents of the area. Contracted labor: Chesley Brown International

CID Executive Committee

Monthly – Second Wednesday @ 8:30

  • CID Officers - review monthly financials, committee progress, activities and plan for the CID Board

39th and Main Business Center Association, Inc.

Bi-Monthly – Second Wednesday @ 3:00

  • Officers - Review monthly financials, activities and plan for 39th & Main
    • Own property and manage association

Penn Valley Park Conservancy

Monthly – Fourth Wednesday @ 4:00

  • All Boards – Review monthly financials, activities and plan for the Park
    • Appointed to Board, share office space with MainCor, potential growth is great


Financial Stability & Marketing Team

Monthly – Third Thursday @ 8:30

  • Increase membership, resources and grant development
  • Funding stability and financial management
  • Public event planning, strategies, goal is to promote corridor and fundraising
    • Main St Day, Party in the Parking Lot, etc.
  • Communicate successes of MC and CID
  • Communications; newsletters, social medias, website, etc.
  • In-House community meetings; Coffees, Luncheons, Mingles etc.
  • Misconceptions about goals and the area
    • Let constituencies know what is in it for them if they get involved
    • Tell success stories to attract businesses
    • Promote the mission and vision of MainCor and CIDAlign organizational priorities with their needs
    • Need to talk to businesses and residents on Main to see what they need
      • Define the “value proposition” of MainCor to communicate to businesses
        • Align organizational priorities with their needs
          • Align needs of large and small businesses
  • Communicating with various constituencies to drive attraction and retention; develop tools and metrics to demonstrate MainCor’s value
  • Determine MainCor’s constituency
    • What is the organization’s “value proposition”?
  • Small number of businesses that consistently support MainCor
    • Need more businesses involved and committed to organization

Planning/Economic Development:

Eco Devo Team

Monthly – Third Friday @ 8:30

  • Redevelopment, planning, incentives and parking
  • Business attraction and retention
  • Real Estate marketing
  • Be involved in the Midtown/Plaza Plan area plan and implementation
  • Streetcar/traffic calming / multi-modal transportation issues
  • Support positive development
  • Business to business relationship program
    • Could expand involvement and participation
    • Use existing data and research (city info., etc.) to support the strategy
  • Ability to facilitate development and redevelopment
  • Develop business to business MainCor business mentoring program
  • Work with real estate companies and the brokerage community to develop a database
    • Connect with tenants of properties owned by others
    • Develop a marketing plan to communicate with the business community

Midtown Plan Review

Ad hoc

  • This committee is made of individuals based on talent - Review by the Midtown Plan Review/ Urban Design Guidelines/ Historic Preservation Committee ensures compatibility of all projects with the Corridor Plan and our area mission.
  • Use of urban design and historic preservation as economic tools will encourage owners of historic properties to maintain the historic integrity of the structure, increasing the property’s marketability.

Main Street Community Improvement District - Residential Committee

Monthly Meetings: Meeting of the “Residential Committee” members, residents within the boundary of MSCID and members of the MSCID Board and/or Staff – Second Monday @ 6pm

  • Committee Members: At least one representative from each type of residential property (Multi-family, Condo, Townhome, Single Family, etc)
    Committee Objectives:
    • Act as a liaison between the residents within the boundary of the MSCID and the MSCID Board and Staff with the following objectives:
      • Provide resident related feedback to the MSCID Board and Staff
      • Communicate the role of MSCID to the residential community
      • Assist the MSCID Board and Staff identify, communicate and address issues with problem properties, nuisance issues, graffiti and violations within the boundary of the MSCID


Special Review District Commission

Ad hoc

  • Appointed by the Mayor of KCMO, Staffed by City Planning
  • Enforce all new exterior changes and to make sure they comply with the SR Guidelines adopted by the City of Kansas City along Main St within the overlay boundary
  • Work to get the final draft of the Main St Standards adopted by the KCMO