Welcome to the Main Street District!

Benefits from the Main Street CID


What does the CID do?
As the concierge of the Main Street district, the CID:

  • Works with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Kansas City Police Department to keep nuisance offenders off the streets
  • Removes graffiti quickly, often before the morning rush hour
  • Keeps the public right-of-ways clean of litter and debris
  • Assists with snow removal from public walkways
  • Maintains streetscape improvements
  • Helps the community when needed

How will I know the CID is present?
You will see the “Red Shirts” patrolling and working in your area. There are two types of “Red Shirts” that will be in your neighborhood:

  • Area Maintenance Attendants: AMA’s provide daily litter removal, landscape maintenance, snow shoveling from crosswalk and handicap areas, graffiti and poster removal, and assistance to neighborhood residents and visitors.
  • Area Awareness Officers: AAO’s provide on the street monitoring, reporting, assisting with medical emergencies, detouring illegal or suspicious behavior, and serving as on-street assistance for visitors, customers and residents of the area.

Meet the Red Shirts!


Who do I call to report something?
Stan Henry
Manager of Community Outreach & CID Operations

How can I keep up-to-date about activities in my neighborhood?
Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MainStreetKC Follow us on Twitter@MainStreetKC Sign up for our newsletter at mainstreetkansascity.org

If you would like more information about activities in Midtown such as the crime report, Parks ‘n’ Play e-news, arts news and The Midtown KC Post, see our resources page at mainstreetkansascity.org

If you have questions or comments contact us at 816-753-3820 or info@maincor.org


Main Street Community Improvement District

The Main Street Community Improvement District (MSCID)'s charge is to enhance the quality of life of Kansas City's Main Street Corridor through addressing concerns of general welfare and common good by implementing a 'clean and safe' program and enhancing the image of Main Street.

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